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Send up to 10 GB
is the easy way to send files.

You can transfer up to 10GB at once and keep it available for as
long as you like.

Install your virtual hard drive and solve the following problems:

• Don't ever buy hard drives
• Unlimited storage *
• Share files and directories with friends with a click (size doesn't matter)
• Access to your files from anywhere(PC, Tablet, Phone)
• Deactivation of access to your files(if your device is lost or stollen)

• Depending on your plan
Get CopyFile PLUS

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Name of file Size Progress
Choose a plan Without registration Registration Registration +
Without speed limit
Max size of shared file 4 GB 4 GB 10 GB
Disc size on the server 4 GB 4 GB 100 GB
Stored forever on the server 1 week Forever Forever
Upload of several files together
Web and FTP file manipulator
Files statistics
Data.BG as a local hard drive
Information security
Support up to 24 h. Raid Level 5 Raid Level 5 Raid Level 10
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Overall :
Upload and share directly from your working PC station. Learn more
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Upload and share directly from your working station. Learn more


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